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Tahitian Pahu Tupa'i Rima


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Only recently since the last decades of the 20th century, has the Pahu Tupa'i Rima, sometimes referred to as Pahu Tapa'e, been used in Tahitian cultural performances. With beats originating in the Marquesas (one of the 5 island groups of French Polynesia), this "tall" drum is played with the drummer standing and creating beats with both hands. 

The drum is made of island woods such as coconut and mango. The drum is covered with cow hide and produces a deep resonating sound. Coconut twisted sennit rope is used to give a finished look.

Drum is functional and is performance ready. Drum has been seasoned, however humidity and temperature do have varying effects on the tension, pitch and wood expansion/contraction.

Additional delivery time (1-2 weeks) is required.

Dimensions: Approximately 39" height. 12" diameter. Custom carvings may differ slightly from pictured.

* Item is not eligible for the Ohana Club