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Tahitian Skirt Tassels


Hand dyed hau (wild hibiscus) fibers in a rainbow of colors. These skirt tassels are a staple decoration on just about every Tahitian dance costumes. The fibers are made from the wild hibiscus tree inner bark. After the branches are stripped, the inner bark fibers are gathered, soaked in the ocean to soften and cleaned. Later they are dyed to the desired colors. 

Get creative. Many costumes use multiple colors. A typical hipband will use about 2-4 dozen skirt tassels depending on how closely together you want to place each tassel. Add some shells (see our Tahitian Costume Decor Set) and/or feathers. 

A finishing touch (which many don't do) is to brush out the roughness of the fibers. This can be done with a heavy duty metal brush. Pulling the fibers apart creates a fuller look. 

Tahitian skirt tassels are sold by the dozen (12). Each tassel measures approx. 6 inches in height. Additional time will be required for custom colors.