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Maori Moko Temporary Tattoo


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From the Land of the Long White Cloud - Aotearoa, this temporary tattoo is inspired by the moko of Maori culture. In ancient times before European influence, the Maori tattooed their skin using an uhi (chisel). This left the skin with grooves. Later, as more influence from outside of New Zealand came, the tattooing method changed to puncturing leaving a smooth surface to the skin.

The moko signified moving from childhood to adulthood. It represented social status and rank. It also represented the genealogy of an individual. Men usually would have tattoo on their face, buttocks (raperape) and thighs (puhoro). Women usually wore moko on their lips (kauwae) and chins. Other parts of the body known to have moko include women's foreheads, buttocks, thighs, necks and backs and men's backs, stomachs, and calves.

Today's modern renaissance of the art of  moko has helped to revived the culture and arts of the Maori. 

This temporary tattoo is technically considered to be Kirituhi, which translates literally to mean—"drawn skin." As opposed to Moko which requires a process of consents, genealogy and historical information, Kirituhi is merely a design with a Maori flavor that can be applied anywhere, for any reason and on anyone.

Once applied, the temporary tattoo can last several days on the skin. To remove, rub baby oil with cotton balls.

* Please note that cultural sensitivity is always requested. Please use respectfully. *