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How to Tie a Pareu - Part I

How do you tie a pareu? Just ask any islander and you'll get at least a dozen different answers. Pareus can be worn in a number of ways, some of the more popular wraps are illustrated here. You can be creative or practical in your ties, but all seem to have one thing in common - a sense of comfort and personal style. We've brought together a few of our most popular ties that we'd like to share with you. 

The word pareu (a modern popular variation is the word "pareo") has been used generically to mean any wrap which holds true for other similar descriptive words such as sarong (India), lava lava (Samoa), kikepa (Hawaii), sulu (Fiji), wraparound (US). Pareus did not evolve from a sarong or vice versa. Find out more about the history of the pareo and about our Tahitian pareos.


The classic tie that's so easy, comfortable and practical. Wrap the pareo around your back and take the two ends and bring them around to your front. Hold one end over your shoulder and bring the other end around to meet it. Tie both ends together over your shoulder. Add a tiare in your hair and you're one step closer to paradise.



The Society Islands are the epitome of paradise. With everything perfect, a Tahitian pareo tyed in the Maita'i (good) style adds more than a fun twist. To start off, hold the pareo lengthwise and wrap around to your front. While holding the top corners, pull across your front. Pull and twist the ends to make a secure half knot. Open up one of the loose ends, cover breast and tuck in back. Cover the other breast with the remaining loose end. Tuck in back, or if the ends are long enough, tie both ends in back. The finished Maita'i style is a great look that gives a faux bandeau look with a twist to island fashion. To add a finishing touch, add our Maita'i Black Pearl Shell Earrings for that fun island fashion statement.



Samoa isn't the only island with "happy" people. The Oaoa (happy) style has brought smiles to more than just those who wear it. It's a simple classic style that is both comfortable and practical. Start by wrapping the pareo around your body. Bring the two ends to the front and pull across your front. Holding the two ends, tie together behind your neck to secure. Straighten out the front and adjust neckline as desired. This is a perfect beach wrap. Whether on the way to the beach, or playing in the surf, this is the perfect light and airy pareo tie.



Start by wrapping the pareo lengthwise around your body. Hold the two top ends, pulling across your body and twist in front. Still holding the ends, twist a second time to secure in place. Twist the ends to make a coil. Bring both ends up and around your neck. Secure and tie both ends together. Adjust and tuck in front. The Huahine style is fast and easy to create. With finishing touches of brushing out your hair and a touch of Tahitian monoi oil to lightly scent, you're all set for a fun-filled day at the beach.

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