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Tiare Pareo


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The tiare is undeniably one of Tahiti's most beloved icons. It is a favorite daily adornment of vahines who wear it behind an ear – on the right signifies that the vahine is not attached, on the left lets one know she is involved and taken.

Our first rayon pareo most appropriately features this Tahitian icon. The tiare is perfect. Every petal, every leaf, and every color, placed as if mother nature meant them to be there. With a fun accent color and a distinct Tahitian style, the Tiare Pareo was inspired by the traditional designs and motifs that were so common in the nostalgic days of the South Pacific.

Soft, stylish and extremely comfortable, the Tiare Pareo is 100% rayon. 72 inches x 45 inches. Serged finished edges for light weight tying convenience.

Imported. Hand wash cold.