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Ti Leaf Hula Skirt


We have run out of stock for this item.

Alooooha! As the dancers come out for the luau entertainment, each is dressed in a traditional hula costume. Well, sometimes you can't get a bunch of ti leaves together (whether it's the weather or it's just not available).

Here's the next best thing - an artificial Ti Leaf skirt. It won't turn brown after the performance and you can use again and again. It's lightweight and easy to take on the go. The two toned detailed leaves give the hula skirt a realistic look and are sewn onto an adjustable hip band measuring 33 inches in length coverage with cotton ropes to fit as needed. (Tip - tie in front. Then turn until ties are in the back or side depending on your preference. Hide ropes underneath ti leaves). Skirt height measures approximately 25 inches high. 

Also available in child size. 26 leaves. 23 inches length x 20 inches height.