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Tahitian Ukulele

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From the initial fast strumming of the Tahitian ukulele or banjo as it is lovingly referred to, it's unmistakable as to what you've happened upon. If you are familiar with Tahitian music, you know how integral the instrument is to the enchanting melody. Add the toere drums, a pahu, some guitars, and the local voices and you have an authentic Tahitian sound and the makings of an unforgettable time.

A distant cousin of the Hawaiian ukulele, these hand made instruments have on occasion been referred to as "the instrument of Tahiti and Her Islands." Each ukulele is unique. Our ukulele's are made of the Kauri wood, native to New Zealand. The wood protecting the resonance chamber of the ukulele is made from red cedar. Another unique attribute of note is the fact that the opening of the resonance chamber is not on the front but in the back.

The Tahitian ukulele is uniquely tuned. Eight strings made of local fishing wire, usually a 30-pound nylon, create a fun and unmistakable "Tahitian" sound. Tuning from the top string down runs from G - C - E - A (SOL - DO - MI - LA). Instrument is slightly varnished. Our musician/carver carefully works to create the best tone for each instrument.

Whether you are a dancer with an urge to learn to play the music, a collector of Polynesian art or even a musician looking to expand a music repertoire, you are sure to have hours upon hours of enjoyment. Play with your friends, play in concert or competition, or just play to soak in the sound.

Tahitian Ukulele measures 32" long and 9" wide at the base.

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