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Tahitian Lauhala Roll


We have run out of stock for this item.

Attention creative crafters!

Lauhala (pandanus) or raufara (as it is known in Tahiti) is one of the most used and versatile source of weaving materials in Polynesia. Since ancient times, these islanders have made an art of weaving. They've woven baskets, mats, bracelets, fans and inumerable other practical and decorative items.

To prepare the leaves, they are first dried in the sun. The thorns are stripped off and are soaked in water to clean and soften. They are again dried and flattened. Later, they are gathered and rolled together for storage. Artisans then pull the leaves out of the rolls as needed. They shred the leaves to the required widths and begin the task at hand.

Our Tahitian artisans have made it easy for you to use. Each roll is made up of approximately 80-90 leaves. Each leaf is approximately 39 inches (1 meter) and averages about 3 inches in width. Imported. Product of Tahiti.

Can't decide? Order a sample of each of the varieties that we offer (Samoan, Tahitian and South Pacific) for $5.00