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Tahitian Fa'atete Drum


We have run out of stock for this item.

There are many layers to Tahitian drumming and one of the more vibrant and supportive drums is the Fa'atete. Our master carver has recreated the more traditional style Tahitian drum. The fa'atete has been a part of the modern ensemble ever since the 1950's. The drum body is made of native island woods that include coconut or breadfruit. The single headed modern membrane is made of calf skin. In contrast to the Tahitian toere drumming, the modern fa'atete is played with two sticks. 

Drum is functional and is performance ready. Drum has been seasoned, however humidity and temperature do have varying effects on the tension, pitch and wood expansion/contraction. Tool included to make minor adjustments

Drum sticks not included. 

Approximate dimensions: 15"H x 9"D

* Item is not eligible for the Ohana Club