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Samoan Traditional Tanoa Bowl

12 Inch Diameter

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The oldest forms of tanoa fa'iva (bowl for making kava) have four legs and are generally distinguished from Fijian and Tongan kava bowls by the flat horizontal rim between the inner and outer surface of the bowl. Tanoa fa'iva are used in the preparation and serving of a beverage made from the roots of the kava plant. The preparation and serving of 'ava (kava) is an art form.

Woodworkers select a solid piece of timber. After carving the basic shape, he carefully removes wood to create a tin, flat rim with sides that gradually thicken, until the desired depth is reached. Once finished, the bowl is soaked in water to season the wood and prevent from splitting.

Our traditional tanoa fa'iva bowl (kava bowl) is an artistic reproduction. Decorative incised carvings of traditional Samoan motifs and coconut sennit weaving add to the ethnic authenticity.

Fully functional, the tanoa fa'iva should be treated with care. Periodically rubbing wood oil on the surface will help to preserve the bowl.

12 Inch Diameter