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Samoan Fale Créche


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Introducing our new island classic ~ The Samoan Fale Créche. Just like its cousin, the Hawaiian Coconut Créche, this tropical nativity scene is inspired by the distinct architecture of the Samoan fale (home). The coconut is considered to be the "tree of life" and rightly holds an honored place in the lives of all Samoans. The Samoan Fale Créche is made of a coconut husk and shell. Just as the real life fale structures, there are no walls. It's an open frame supported by wooden posts. Volcanic black and gray stones worn by ocean waves surround a woven lauhala mat traditionally seen in Samoa fale. 

Tiny wooden animals, attendants and of course, babe in a manger create the traditional nativity but with a Samoan theme. We even include a miniature coconut tree as an added reminder of the "happy people" of Samoa.