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Samoan Contemporary Kava Bowl


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In the late 1920s a modern style of bowl was introduced. This style featured a change from cylindrical legs to flat, wide legs following the circumferenctial curve of the bowl. These legs were variously elaborated with notches, grooves and stepped shoulders. It is thought that this style change shortened production time. Originally this style was made for tourists who were charged so much per leg. Over time they became the standard type of bowl available and were used by locals as much as they were purchased by visitors.

Tanoa fa'iva (kava bowl) are used in the preparation and serving of a beverage made from the roots of the kava plant. The preparation and serving of 'ava (kava) is an art form in itself. The kava ceremony has great significance in Samoan culture.

Woodworkers select a solid piece of timber. After carving the basic shape, he carefully removes wood to create a tin, flat rim with sides that gradually thicken, until the desired depth is reached. Once finished, the bowl is soaked in water to season the wood and prevent from splitting.

Our contemporary tanoa fa'iva bowl (kava bowl) is an artistic reproduction.

The tanoa fa'iva should be treated with care. Periodically rubbing wood oil on the surface will help to preserve the bowl. Please note that smaller bowls 8" and under are mainly decorative and not recommended as functional kava bowls.

Please note: We keep limited stock on hand. Orders may take additional time including orders with large quantities. Expect possibly 3-6 weeks for delivery.