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Ohe Kapala


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The recreation of this ancient art form tool helps to bring back the traditional methods of adorning kapa (beaten inner fibers of the wild mulberry tree). The Ohe Kapala (bamboo stamp) depict traditional motifs that have been seen in recovered and preserved ancient kapa. 

In Hawaii, before the modern textiles, aloha shirts, and muumuu's, there were the ancient ways of decorating clothing made with kapa. Even back then, there were those who wanted more than a plain canvas for clothing. People wanted texture (which they got from grooved kapa beaters), patterns and/or color. To get the color and patterns on the cloth, they applied various dyes/paints made from natural resources to the surface by way of carved stamps. This meticulous and time-consuming process of repeating patterns resulted in endless combinations of designs. 

Sold individually. Each design measures approx. 5/8" wide. Carved stamp area measures approx. 4" in height. and the bamboo stick measures approx. 14" long. 

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