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Monoi Coconut Oil


Monoi oil... French Polynesia's tropical secret.

Monoi oil is a natural oil used for generations by the islanders of Tahiti and French Polynesia as a major component of their traditional medicine and personal care products to protect and moisturize their skin and condition their hair.

Monoi oil is the result of soaking together the Tahitian Gardenia (Tiare) flowers into pure coconut oil. Please note that because of its tropically grown ingredients, Monoi oil solidifies at temperatures below 68° F (20°C). This is a natural process that occurs because genuine Monoi contains no emulsifiers to keep it in a liquid state. Simply place the container in warm water to return it to a golden liquid form. Solidifying and warming will not affect the original properties of Monoi. Do NOT use a microwave oven to warm Monoi!

Available in a 4oz. light-weight bottle with convenient cap and spray atomizer. Perfect for carrying to the beach or on the go. Each bottle contains a dried tiare flower from Tahiti.

Oil is imported from Tahiti.