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Maori Short Poi Balls


Short poi balls are essential for modern Maori storytelling. Poi balls are percussive implements used by New Zealand women for telling stories, imitating natural sounds and motions for teaching purposes. Long ago they were used by young warriors to help with coordination and reflex training. Originally, poi balls were made of moss wrapped in flax leaves and made very distinctive sounds as they hit a person's wrist or body and arms. Today, our handmade poi balls are made of stuffing and tissue wrapped in plastic, and are primarily used for dancing purposes.

Short poi balls have made dance routines quicker and added a percussive dimension to the haka and action songs. Using as a single or as a pair, the short poi balls quick hits with the back and front of the hands, add a distinctive nature-inspired sound.

Short poi balls are approximately 10-12 inches long and the ball is 3 to 4 inches around.

Sold as a set. Choose from an assortment of colors including traditional red (red, white and black), traditional blue (blue, white and black), assorted, or custom colors. Custom colors take approximately 1-2 weeks.