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Maori Greenstone Hei Matau Hook


Maori greenstone (pounamu) is a traditional medium for artisans to carve into hooks (hei matau), tikis, koru, patu, and manaia among other creative work. Our Maori artisans have painstakenly recreated some of those images including this classic hook.

Throughout history, Polynesians have been connected to the ocean. The islands are surrounded by lagoons, bays and open ocean as far as the eye can see. The Maori, like other Polynesians, are master fishermen. Today, they have made bone carving hooks and lures an artform.

The hooks, or Hei Matau, are today more ornamental than functional. But they are more than ever, a revered and time-honored tradition.This typical Maori design is hand carved in bone. The Hei Matau symbolize a persons power and authority.

Black waxed cord may be tied to fit individual length preference. Greenstone toggle is included for ease in adjustable fitting.

Height of hook is approximately 1.5 inches (40 mm) in height.