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Hawaiian Uli Uli Hula Implements


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What's hula without uli uli? From vigorous and energetic ancient (Kahiko) dance to the most modern (auana) graceful hula, uli uli have helped hula dancers tell their stories in exciting and creative ways.

Our uli uli are handcrafted and are high quality functional dance implements. The top section of the uli uli is made from colored feathers. In ancient times, these feathers came from native Hawaiian birds. Today, most of those birds are now extinct. We use dyed chicken feathers now.

The lower section of the uli uli is made from the laamea gourd. It is hollowed out and polished. Later, we fill it with seeds and beads to create the rattle. To complete the rattle a handle is tied and attached to the feathered section.

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