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Hawaiian Tiki


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Hand carved Hawaiian Tiki Gods. One of the most dramatic achievements of ancient Hawaiian craftsmen. Tiki's were originally found in heiau (temple) and created an unmistakable setting for ancient ceremony conducted by kahuna (priests) and ali'i (chiefs). 

Tiki gods were abstract representations. They were a depiction of the mana (power) of gods that they  represented. Master priest-craftsmen creatively depicted the gods with oversized heads, shortened limbs and exaggerated features. 

Many ancient original tiki's were destroyed as Western influence grew and discouraged, in some cases outlawed, the old religion and rituals (including hula). The three types of tiki that did survive the purge include Temple images (an example is Kuka'ilimoku), Stick images (akua ka'ai), and Aumakua (sometimes adorning human hair and pearl shell eyes).

Tiki reproductions are made of island woods including hardwood trees - ohia, acacia and kauila.

Approximate size: 16" height x 6" wide

Made in Hawaii.