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Hawaiian Pu ili Hula Dance Implement


What would hula be without the pu ili? Too quiet! Lightweight and attractive, these split bamboo are fun and decorative. A rare combination of exotic Hawaiiana and simplicity in design. The highest quality.

One of three of the most recognizable hula implements, the pu ili are used mostly in pairs and help the dancer keep rhythm to the music. Pu ili are widely used in both ancient (kahiko) and modern (auauna) hulas.

A word of caution. If you live in a dry climate, try to slowly acclimate your pu ili. Dry climates tend to make the bamboo naturally split or crack lengthwise. If you are using your pu ili regularly, it might be good if you tape the handle end with a heavy duty clear tape.

Made in Maui. 20 inches long. Sold as a set of 2.