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Fijian Coconut Sennit


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Imported from Fiji, this coconut sennit (magimagi) cordage has been used throughout Polynesian history. It's durability and practical uses have dated back to even before the use of western nails.

Fijians have made sennit weaving into an artform. Both practical and functional, the dried coconut fibers are woven into a rope or cordage that has proven to be extremely sturdy. It's uses are numerous. From lashings decorating building beams, to adornments around chiefs necks, this island craft has been an integral part in Fijian and Polynesian culture thoughout history.

Fijian coconut sennit is approximately 80 yards (brown), 80 yards (black). Woven to approximately 1/4" thickness.

Now available in Natural Brown and Black (from placing the sennit in local mud bogs). The availability of both colors allows for additional visual patterns in weaving and lashing in architectural uses.