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Tahitian Tiki Necklace


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Originally from the Marquesas, the Tiki statues are present on most of the Polynesian islands. These sculptures in wood or stone represent Ti’i, ancestor half human half god who according to legend was the first man. This is often represented as a stocky man with arms stretched forward, his hands on his stomach and legs folded. It usually has a large head, symbolizing his power. His large eyes represent knowledge.

Our tiki necklaces are made of cow bone. Handmade and carved, our tiki are a labor of love for our artisans. Adding in a beautiful black pearl also lends to the attention to detail and the style inspired by lures used by Tahitian fishermen of old. 

Tangaroa Tiki information: 18" necklace, approx. 2.25" high, 1.25" wide

Hoe Tiki information: 18: necklace, approx. 2.125" high, 1.125" wide

Each tiki is unique.