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Coconut Shell Bra - Titi Coco


It's become an icon in the world of Tahitian and Hawaiian Hula dancing. Seen from early Hollywood days and before to the most modern luau's. The coconut bra are made of the highest quality craftsmanship for professional dancers.

The cups are sanded, polished and varnished. Black soft cord allows for adjustments to fit. Tie at back and neck.

Children (8-12) - $20
Approx. diameter - 3 1/2 inches

A Cup (and Demi A Cup) - $28
Approx. diameter - 4 inches

B Cup (and Demi B Cup) - $32
Approx. diameter - 4 1/2 inches

C Cup (and Demi C Cup) - $38
Approx. diameter 5 inches

D Cup (and Demi D Cup) - $45
Approx. diameter - 5 1/2 inches

* Sizing is approximate.