Unfinished Mother of Pearl Shells


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Use the shell as is, or make it into your masterpiece.

In the Tuamotu Islands (French Polynesia), divers of long ago dove into the deep pristine lagoons to find the Tahitian black pearls sought after around the world.

What many forget, is the natural beauty of the black-lipped oyster shell that surrounds and protects the black pearl.

Countless costumes have been adorned with these shells. Many today are carved and polished. Yet, many are not. Left to their natural beauty.

It's a natural canvas for carvers, artisans, designers, and costume makers. It's a visual story of the origins of the black pearl.

Each shell is unique. Use either side for presentation. Approximate size 4"-5" inches in diameter. Edges are rough. Handle with care. Sold individually and in sets.


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