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Pago Pago Coco Earrings


Two of the most useful plants in the tropics are the coconut and the pananus trees. Polynesians possess an exquisite eye for design and an innate sense of harmony with nature. This fine coconut jewelry, inlaid with light and dark shells and woven pandanus leaf, reflects a new style in Samoan craft, blending traditional skills and patterns with innovative designs.

Hollywood has portrayed Pago Pago in the past as a distant oasis in the South Pacific. Who are we to argue? Inspired by the visions of the past, and updated for a modern look, these earrings are a delicate and exquisite reminders of Polynesian traditions handed down from generations.

Choose from a variety of shapes and styles. Earrings are for pierced ears. Sorry, no clip-ons. Lauhala pattern designs vary.

(approx. 1" high)