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Tahitian Temporary Tattoo


Tahitian Tattoos - Tatau. Temporary tattoos that look like real and last for days. A beautiful & fun artistic blending of Polynesian motifs.

Our temporary tattoos are fun and educational. We offer a number of different designs ranging from the ancient traditional to modern depictions.

The temporary tattoos are easy to apply to the skin.

  1. Cut out selected tattoo. Remove protective plastic. Apply tattoo on clean, dry skin.
  2. Damp generaously with wet sponge for 20 seconds.
  3. Peel off the paper. Rinse the skin.

To remove, rub with baby oil or alcohol.Choose from a range of designs. Each sheet measures 3.5" x 5.5"

To measure your needs, especially the bands, we recommend you purchase 2 to 3 of the design to wrap fully around your arm (see photo of arm). Most other round designs measure 1" to 3".

All designs are printed in black on one sheet with the exception of Hiva Oa*, Nuku Hiva*, and Manu Maohi*.

* Select designs include 2 sheets