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Alohatherapy Oil

$6.00 $8.00

Behind every petal, every leaf, and every seed, there is a story... a scent of origin. The South Pacific islands are full of the exotic. Just mention the name and it conjures up visions of a far off paradise. You'll find that it's not that far... come explore with us today.

Our collection of aromatherapy (Alohatherapy) oils is an intoxicating collection of scents. From favorites such as the Hawaiian Plumeria and Tahitian Gardenia, to the fruit based Coco Mango mixed just right with just a dash of "Aloha", to a full-bodied scent of Tropical Hibiscus, and that's just the beginning. Each oil is a cosmetic-grade fragrance, perfect for body and skin care. Oils have a pure sweet almond and jojoba oil base.

Try a Tropical Orchid scent, a fresh Maile Lei, vine ripened Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), a woody and soothing Sandalwood scent, the fragrant Tuberose and exquisite Pikake. There's an abundance of wonderful scents to explore. And in the world of Polynesia, it's just the start. 

1/3 oz. glass bottle
Not recommended for internal use.