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Getting the Tattooing Creative Juices Going

Getting the Tattooing Creative Juices Going


So it's been awhile since I drew the last tattoos. I have to admit that I personally don't have any tattoos. Thought about them, but never had any. I flirted with it in college, but finally decided not to. It's a personal choice. 

That being said, I still love to look at them and enjoy the creativity. I especially love the traditional Marquesan and Tahitian designs. Samoan right behind that and then Hawaiian. I'm not too big a fan of modern melding with contemporary motifs (eg. mermaids, names, photos, or even full color, etc). I'll stick with the traditional (with maybe a tweak here or there).

I've been slowly introducing some products to the store recently that incorporate my new tattoo designs. These are all inspired by traditional Marquesan and Tahitian tattoo designs. I'm calling it my "Tatou" line. The first 4 designs are out and I've placed them on some fun things. 

Check out the phone covers. This is limited only to the iPhone models currently. The all over designs will get you noticed. I'm thinking about colors as well. Tatou III is all red. Although I'm thinking about adding different colors. Tatou Moana is blue. For obvious reasons as it is ocean (moana) themed. The other 2 are classic black and white. Typical for Tahitian tattoo textiles. Nothing wrong with the classics. 

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