Maiana Tahitian Dance Hipband


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Let's shake things up a bit. That's an understatement with this hipband. The Maiana hipband (hatua) is full of character and attitude.

The hipband is made of two complementary hau skirt color fringe the length of about the Tahitian skirt tassle standard (approx. 4"). It creates a full look and brings weight to the skirt. Adding to that is the contrasting feather fringe that gives the skirt additional body to emphasize the hip movements. Heavy duty hook-and-eye closures and velcro backing is standard to allow for quick changes.

We love feathers and this is a great way to add a visual flair to the costume and theme. Long cock feathers are used to draw attention to wide hip movements. They are spaced out and placed according to optimal design impact. 

The Maiana hipband (hatua) includes a tapa or solid pareo top and matching pareo. A coconut shell bra can be substituted for an additional fee if desired.

Creative customizations are also possible. Just let us know what you'd like and we'll will work it out.

Maiana Soloist Tahitian Dance Hipband (hatua) includes:
1. Bra top (black fabric or tapa)
2. Hipband
3. Black Rayon Pareo

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Signature Delivery required.
No refunds on customized costumes.

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