Heiva Hipband

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'Ori Tahiti is the dance of Tahiti.

So it makes sense that our Heiva Hipband is classically inspired. The hipband is adorned with mother-of-pearl shells. These shells are just as nature made them with the raw textured and layered outline surrounding the inner smooth pearlescence of the Tahitian black pearl.

As you move your hips, from a graceful sway to an energetic hip jerk, the shells move to create a distinctively tropical chiming sound. Wood beads are added to attach approximate 40-50 hau tassles to hipband. The 4 lb weight of the hipband is perfect to accentuate your hip movements.

Shells are approximately 3 inches in diameter. Shells are sewn on to hipband. Backing of hipband is velcro to allow to interchange with other hipbands. Reinforced with heavy duty hook-and-eyes sewn on.

To maintain a full look for the tassles, fluff before performances or as needed.

Custom ideas include but are not limited to alternating 2 colors (ie. tropic blue /aqua blue), adding a second layer of tassles, change the color of the hipband fabric from the standard off-white, or substituting style of shell.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Signature Delivery Charge Required
Customized requests may have additional fees and/or time.


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