Tahitian Hula Skirt

Tahitian Hula Skirt


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This is what the Tahitian tamure was made for.

With a bump or a shimmy, graceful sway or energetic hip jerk, this skirt will accentuate even your most creative dance moves. Your dance costume can't help but make you shine in your aparima (kiss of the hands) or otea performances.

This is no imitation! Our favorite aunties spend hours carefully combing and dying the bark strips for each skirt until each strand is soft and supple. They then carefully sew on the beads, shells and other adornments. Easily trimmed to fit. I'i hand implements and pareo top sold separately.

Left to easily trim to fit your height.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Signature Delivery Charge Required.
No FedEx delivery.
Customized requests will have additional fees quoted upon request.
Classic skirt is single layered. Double skirt has two skirts sewn together. Weight is doubled.
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