Huruhuru Ori Tahiti Hipband

Huruhuru Ori Tahiti Hipband


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There's more to Tahitian dance than shells.

Many Tahitian dance costumes include other natural fibers, textures and feathers. Our Huruhuru (feather) Ori Tahiti Hipband, shown here with the double skirt, has been a favored piece of functional artwork for many dancers and designers.

The hipband features mother-of-pearl shells surrounded by plumes of feathers that give an unmistakable island look. Two colors of skirt tassles add to the depth of the costume.

Add in a wild hibiscus skirt (more, as it is also known) for a more traditional look. We offer a selection of colors and weights. Standard skirts are a great look and work well with enduring long programs. Double skirts are even better if you want to show off your hip motions. We also offer a modern take with back half skirts that will more than feature the basic and not so basic dance steps including fa’arapu, varu, tifene, afata, tairitamau, pai pai, and tahapehape.

Shown in picture with full double skirt.
Left to easily trim to fit your height. I'i hand implements sold separately.
Double heavy duty hook and eye.
Hook back (hook and loop/velcro) for interchanging.

Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.
Signature Delivery Charge Required. No FedEx delivery.
Customized requests will have additional fees quoted upon request

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