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Fijian Tapa / Masi Fabric


We have run out of stock for this item.

Have you ever heard of barkcloth? It's a colorful descriptive name for this style of fabric. It's a heavy duty, larger weave 100% cotton fabric that is generally used for decorative items and embellishing. Many hours and effort go into making Fijian tapa cloth. If you don't have the access or budget for the real deal, here's a great alternative that keeps the look and feel of a handmade piece of tapa (masi, in Fijian). The fabric print owes its motifs to traditional Fijian designs.

The fabric can lend itself to so many uses. Try using it as a table cloth (great for the luau's), or napkins, curtains, upholstering furniture to get that tropical feeling, curtains and more. For your personal needs, why not make a new pa'u skirt or embellish your latest elegant evening gown creation.

Fabric is sold by the yard. Width is 45 inches.

Reminder: No refunds on cut fabric.