Mele Macs


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The ultimate indulgence. Toffee coated macadamia nuts covered in luscious milk chocolate. Mele Macs are a gourmet confection using premium macadamia nuts, hand picked from plantations on the beautiful island of Hawaii. With 115 to 125 lightly dusted powdered sugar covered pieces, it's no wonder locals covet these bottles for themselves... us included.

Hawaiian macadamia nut chocolates are a wonderful treat, but they are very heat sensitive. Unfortunately, no parcel carrier is able to insure against heat exposure.

Net Wt. 2.25 lbs.

By selecting this item and ordering, you indicate acceptance of the terms of our heat waiver below.

I understand that Black Pearl Designs is not responsible for any heat damage occuring to macadamia nut chocolates ordered and shipped per my order. I wish to have my order sent to me and accept full responsibility for any heat damage that might occur during shipment.

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